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1. Central Inverter Solution
Centralized photovoltaic (PV) power plant solution includes:
  • DC power collection
  • Power conversion to MV AC
  • MV/HV transformer
  • AC high voltage power collection and delivery
  • Solar farm & substation monitoring and control system
In a PV system, the centralised architecture offers the best Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE). A PV power plant system can be designed using a power conversion substation or with central inverters.

Monitoring and Control System:

2. String Inverter Solution
Centralized or decentralized string inverter solutions:
  • Three phase string inverter
  • Integrated DC and AC disconnect
  • LV/MV, MV/HV transformer
  • MV/HV switchgear
  • Solar farm & substation monitoring and control system
In ground mounted solar power plants, string inverters can be centralized or decentralized with respect to the PV array. With a centralized architecture, the inverters will be mounted near the medium voltage step up transformer. With a decentralized architecture, the inverters will be distributed across the PV array.
3. Wind power plants

For wind power plants, the SCADA integrates the generation and electrical equipment data into a single system by using HMI (humanmachine interface). It provides a single point of control for the entire plant and one point of connection with the upper level systems – both plant and grid operators.
The SCADA coordinates the control of active and reactive power at plant level, integrating reactive power compensation devices and (or) energy storage into the control logics of the plant. It also dispatches the individual wind turbines in case the wind power plant controller is missing, or not desired.
To perform these functionalities, the system is equipped with a wide range of embedded communication protocols such as IEC 60870-5 101/104, DNP3, OPC and Modbus. In addition, to simplify the plant layout, the SCADA system has a wide choice of software connectors that allow it to connect to different devices at the plant, such as STATCOM, capacitor banks and IEDs.


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