27/12/2022 - Người viết: AIT
At 01:52 a.m on December 27th, 2022, Northern Power Corporation, Northern Power Construction Project Management Board (BA3), Nam Dinh Power Company (Nam Dinh PC), Advanced Information Technologies Corporation (AIT CORP) and related units successfully energized the project “110kV Nam Dien Transmission Line and Substation”.

110kV Nam Dien substation with a total investment of 86,250 billion VND, was built in Dien Xa commune, Nam Truc district, Nam Dinh province, invested by Northern Power Corporation and assigned to the Project Management and Construction Northern Power Project Board(BA3) directly manages and operates the project.  

In this project, AIT CORP is the contractor to implement the following items: Supply, transport and install materials and equipment for 110kV Nam Dien substation. 

Main electrical connection diagram at the station: 

110kV side: Design according to the diagram of a busbar system with segment, install outdoor equipment includes: 02 110kV tranmission line feeder, 01 transformer feeder and 01 coupling. 

22kV side: Design according to the system diagram of a busbar with segment, including distribution indoor cabinets. 

The construction of the project "110kV Nam Dien transmission line and substation, Nam Dinh province" aims to improve the reliability of power supply, strengthen the grid connection, reduce the radius of power supply to the medium-voltage grid, and reduce capacity loss, power loss for regional distribution grid, leveling load for 110kV Nam NinH substation, ensuring power supply for northern and northeastern loads of Nam Truc district and Cua Nam ward, Nam Dinh city; in accordance with the electricity development planning of Nam Dinh province in the period 2016 - 2025 with a vision to 2035 - The 110kV power system development planning approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. 

Sincerely thanks to Northern Power Corporation, Northern Power Construction Project Management Board (BA3), Northern Power System Dispatch Center (A1), Nam Dinh Power Company (Nam Dinh PC) and related units have coordinated and helped AIT CORP complete the project. 

Congratulations to the staff of AIT CORP ! 

Some pictures of the project: 


Overview of 110kV Nam Dien substation

Primary equipment and outdoor intermediate cabinets provided by AIT CORP

Auxiliary transformers provided by AIT CORP

The protection control cabinet system and AC-DC power cabinets manufactured and installed by AIT CORP 

Testing fire protection before energizing 

AIT CORP staff and related units participate in the energizing process 

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