12/01/2023 - Người viết: AIT
At 9:05 am on January 8th, 2023, Advanced Information Technologies Corporation (AIT CORP) and related units successfully energized 110kV Phu Ha substation, Phu Tho town, Phu Tho province.

In recent years, Phu Tho province has been one of the leading localities in reforming the business environment, shaping itself to become a destination for industrial production projects. Phu Ha Industrial Park was built with a total area of 450ha, oriented as a multi-industry industrial park, focusing on high-tech field, which has attracted investment many large domestic and international enterprises/groups. The completed Phu Ha 110kV substation will solve the local power supply difficulties and prevent overload for the 110kV Phu Tho substation - the only substation supplying power in Phu Tho town at present, raising reliability of power supply and power quality for Phu Tho town in general and Phu Ha Industrial Park in particular, creating motivation to attract investment in Phu Ha Industrial Park, promoting socio-economic development in the region. 

The Phu Ha 110kV substation and transmission line project is invested in total nearly 98 billion VND by Northern Power Corporation and assigned the Power Grid Project Management Board to directly manage and supervise the project. The special thing about the project is that the Substation is installed using Digital technology, with proven experience and ability as the first unit to bring Digital Substation technology Vietnam, AIT CORP has been entrusted with the responsibility of implementing the bidding package: “Supply, transport and install substation’s equipments”. 

The construction scale of the project consists of two parts:

- 110kV connection line: Building a dual-circuit 110kV line using ACSR-400mm2 conducting wire, with a length of 2,445km to supply power to the 110kV Phu Ha substation. This part is connected forward on the single-circuit line of the 110kV Phu Tho substation branch. 

- 110kV substation: Construction of 110kV new substation with the scale of 2 transformers with capacity of 2x40 MVA (this phase installs 1 transformer with capacity of 40 MVA). The 110kV side in this period will install 02 110kV line feeders, 01 main transformer (T1) feeder, communication feeder and 110kV busbar. The 35kV side is installed cabinets including: 1 general cabinet, 1 measuring cabinet, 1 switch cabinet; 4 output cabinets. In the 22kV side, the following cabinets will be installed: 1 general cabinet, 1 measurement cabinet; 1 self-contained cabinet; 1 switch cabinet; 5 output cabinets. 

The outstanding advantage of Digital Substation is that data outdoor equipment to indoor equipment is transmitted by optical cable under Process Bus Technology with high transmission speed, large data volume. In addition, this technology also helps to reduce construction time compared to traditional substations by reducing the number of copper cables MK cabinets the house. Moreover, replacing the connection circuit by copper cables with optical cables also increases the reliability of power supply and reduces the risk of short-circuiting in operation. 

the side of AIT CORP, the success of Phu Ha 110kV Substation has extended the list and strengthened AIT CORP’s ability to implement Digital Substation Technology Projects such as: Installing T2 Transformer 110kV Que Vo 2 substation, 110kV Nghi Son substation project, 220kV substation of Ia Le 1 Wind Power Plant project, 110kV Quang Chau 2 substation project… and at the same time, accompanying and completing  the goals in "Project on Building a Smart Grid" of the Government and Vietnam Electricity. 

Sincere thanks to Northern Power Corporation, Power Grid Project Management Board, Phu Tho Power Company and related units for coordinating and helping AIT CORP to complete the project. 

Congratulations to the staff of AIT CORP! 


Some project pictures: 

Energizing Ceremony of the Project with the participation of Leaders of Northern Power Corporation 

Protection control cabinet system 

T1 Transformer  

Control computer system 

AIT CORP staff instruct operating staff

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