27/02/2023 - Người viết: AIT
On the occasion of welcoming the new spring of 2023, with the support of the Board of Directors, Advanced Information Technologies Company (AIT) successfully organized the "AIT GROUP FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT – SPRING 2023". This is a cultural activity held annually to enhance the spirit of solidarity and sportsmanship of all employees.

In the afternoon of February 2th, at Trinh Cong Son football field, Nhat Tan ward, Tay Ho district, Hanoi; the football tournament took place with the participation of 4 teams: Team 1 (Alliance of AIT Factory Alliance and Assistants to the Board of Directors), Team 2 (Alliance of EGRID, BSH, CGRID and AIT FC foreign soldiers), Team 3 (Alliance of Grid Project Department, Electromechanical Project Department), Team 4 (Alliance of Construction Management Department, Industrial Electrical Department, Planning & Contract Department, Material & Import-Export Department, Finance & Accounting Department) 


The teams competed in round-robin tournament to calculate the points to choose the winning team, after 6 matches full of enthusiasm, honesty and dedication, the players gave the audience nice and beautiful ball scenes. The final result is Team 2 won the championship, Team 1 won the second place and Team 4 won the third place. 


The end of the football tournament left the echoes of laughter, happy atmosphere and enthusiastic cheers of the audience around the football field, and above all, showing the solidarity of AIT GROUP staff. 

Here are some pictures of the football tournament:

Image: Opening ceremony of AIT GROUP Football Tournament - Spring 2023 

Image: 04 participating teams 

Image: Mr. Vu Duc Tam - President of the Company Union giving the opening speech of the football tournament 

Image: Champion team 

Image: Second team 

Image: Third team 

Image: "Top Scorer" Award Ceremony 

Image: "Golden Gloves" Award Ceremony 

Image: The players support each other on the pitch 

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