01/01/2023 - Người viết: AIT
At 04:58 a.m on December 30th, 2022, Advanced Information Technologies Corporation (AIT CORP) and related units successfully energized 110kV Thach That 2 substation.

110kV Thach That 2 substation, invested by Hanoi Power Corporation, was built in the area of Bach Kim village, Phu Kim commune, Thach That district, Hanoi, with a total investment of over VND 102 billion. . 

The scale of substation: 02 x 40MVA, this phase install 01 x 40MVA (transformer 115/23/6.3kV-40MVA) 

- 110kV distribution system installed outdoors with AIS technology, designed according to the full bridge diagram, including 05 feeders: 

+ 01 outgoing feeder to Son Tay 220/110kV substation; 

+ 01 outgoing feeder to Ha Dong 220/110kV substation; 

+ 01 coupling; 

+ 02 transformer feeder T1, T2. 

- 22kV distribution system: using the diagram of 01 segmented busbar system, installed indoors. In this phase, 20 distribution cabinets of C41 and C42 busbars are installed, including: 02 incoming feeders, 10 outgoing feeders, 02 capacitor feeders, 02 auxiliary feeders, 02 measuring feeders, 01 circuit breaker segment feeder and 01 23kV disconector feeder. 

- Install 02 160kVA-23/0.4kV auxiliary transformers and 02 2400kVAr capacitor systems; 

AIT CORP is the contractor implementing the tender package: Supply materials and equipent of the project. Specifically, AIT CORP provides the 110kV primary equipment; 22kV medium voltage cabinets; 22kV compensating capacitor; protection control secondary system; AC-DC power system; metering system; one-way ground monitoring system, online battery monitoring... These are the recognized strengths of AIT CORP by previous projects. 

After being put operation, 110kV Thach That 2  substation will reduce power loss, improve reliability in the transmission grid, increase the overall production and business efficiency of the power system, and ensure power supply for regional socio-economic growth. 

Sincerely thanks to Hanoi Power Corporation, Hanoi Power Development Project Management Board and related units for coordinating and helping AIT CORP complete the project. 

Congratulations to the staff of AIT CORP ! 

Some pictures of the project:

The primary equipment in the switch yard provided by AIT CORP

Capacitor system at the substation

Outdoor intermediate cabinets manufactured and installed by AIT CORP

Distribution cabinets at the substation

Protection control cabinet system

Inspect fire protection activities before energizing 

AIT CORP staff and related units participate in the energizing process

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