02/01/2023 - Người viết: AIT
At 0:23 am on January 1st, 2023, Advanced Information Technologies Corporation (AIT CORP) and related units successfully energized the 110kV Van Canh Substation, ensuring the technical requirements and system operating standards.

The project of 110kV Van Canh substation and transmission line was built in Canh Vinh commune, Van Canh district, Binh Dinh province, with a total investment of 124 billion VND Central Power Corporation and assign The Central Rural Power Project Management Board to directly manages and supervises the project.

Investment scale includes 13,004 km of 110kV dual-circuit transmission line (pre-stretch one circuit); 01 110/22kV substation with capacity (40+63) MVA, now install 01 40MVA transformer; 22kV dual-circuit transmission line connected to the current grid with a length of 5.85km. The work is connected Phuoc An 220kV substation, 110kV transmission line will go through Phuoc Thanh and Phuoc An communes, Tuy Phuoc district and Canh Vinh commune to reach 110kV Van Canh substation. 

Participating in the project, AIT CORP is entrusted with the responsibility of implementing the bidding package: Supply and delivery of primary and secondary equipments, computer control system, telecommunications information system and technical services. 

After coming operation, the 110kV Van Canh substation will contribute to ensuring the power supply for the implementing Becamex Binh Dinh industrial park, urban zone, commercial zone and service zone and the Canh Vinh industrial cluster; meet the increasing load demand in Van Canh district and at the same time improve the reliability of electricity supply for the area, ensuring the N-1 criterion to help existing businesses in the area feel secure and have production plans to improve efficiency and increase operating hours. 

Sincere thanks to Central Power Corporation, Central Rural Power Project Management Board, Binh Dinh Power Company (Binh Dinh PC) and related units for coordinating and helping AIT CORP to complete the project.  

Congratulations to the staff of AIT CORP! 

Some pictures of the project: 

110kV Van Canh substation 

Outdoor primary equipments 

Protection control cabinet system 

The preparation work of the Fire Fighting and Prevention And Rescue Police before energizi

AIT CORP staff instruct operating staff 

AIT CORP staff and related units prepare for energizing according to slip Dispatch Centre.

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