Successfully energizing 220kV Yen My substation and transmission line, Hung Yen province

15/03/2023 - Người viết: AIT
Successfully energizing 220kV Yen My substation and transmission line, Hung Yen province
At 8:24 pm on March 11th, 2023, Advanced Information Technologies Corporation (AIT CORP) and related units successfully energized 220kV Yen My substation and transmission line, Hoan Long commune, Yen My district, Hung Yen province.

220kV Yen My substation and transmission line project is invested by the National Power Transmission Corporation with a total investment of over 273 billion VND and the Northern Power Project Management Board is assigned to directly manage and supervise the project.

With the current status of diverse scale and tend-to-increase number of industrial parks, such as: Pho Noi A Industrial Park, Pho Noi B Industrial Park, Yen My Industrial Park,..., Yen My district is regarded as a locality with fast industrial and service development speed of the province and an attractive destination for investors. 

Yen My 220kV substation - also the first 220kV substation in Yen My district, after completion, will ensure safe and stable power supply, create a driving force to attract investment in Yen My district, contribute to the socio-economic growth of Hung Yen province in general and Yen My district in particular. 

Yen My 220kV substation consists of 02 220kV-250MVA transformers, connected to the national power system by a 220kV dual-circuit transmission line to 220kV transmission line of 500kV Thuong Tin - Pho Noi substation. Participating in the project, AIT CORP was honored to be entrusted by the Investor to perform the bidding package: "Supply and transport the secondary equipment" 

Sincerely thanks to National Power Transmission Corporation, Northern Power Project Management Board, Power Transmission Company 1 and related units for coordinating and helping AIT CORP to complete the project.

Congratulations to the staff of AIT CORP! 


Photo: Outdoor primary equipment 

Photo: AIT CORP staff and related units cooperate in energizing process

Photo: Fuse box provided by AIT CORP  

Photo: Protection control cabinets provided by AIT CORP

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